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Vaya Offering Great Mobile Phone Plan Deal Now

by dollarwise
Cheapest Mobile Phone Plans

By Far the Cheapest UNLIMITED Mobile Phone Plan

**Current prices are $16/month with 1.5GB included data and unlimited calls and texts. Though they often run promotions for less. Update Dec 2017**

Right  now you can get an unlimited mobile phone plan for the equivalent of $11/month with Vaya on a  1 year contract ($14.5/month without a contract) with their small plan. This includes 1 GB of data. Plans offering more data are available for slightly more. This is a great deal, unlimited calls, 1GB data for just $11/month. This was just too good not to post. It would be cheaper to break contract and switch than to stay with your current provider. Vaya operates on the Optus network.

To get this deal make sure to put in the promo code ‘SAVE’ and sign on before Jan 17th. I’d appreciate it when it asks you ‘how you found out about Vaya?’ to choose ‘friend’ and type in the phone number, 0415498429. This pays a $15 credit my way. Hope you have a great 2017!


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