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This Year’s Car Insurance Winner

by dollarwise

Playing the Car Insurance Game

Every year I enjoy playing the car insurance game. It goes a bit like this. My premium jumps a huge amount because I got it so cheap the year before. Call them up and ask why? Surely you can offer me a better rate? As it turns out they can, always. Never, ever pay an insurance premium without asking for a discount.

Search the competition and get quotes, asking the best one to send out the paperwork. Come back with the best quote and see if my current provider can match or better it. If yes, all good. If not, look to switch. Lastly, check to see if anyone is offering a guaranteed price beat offering and get them beat the lowest quote. To see more details of how to get the best insurance deals, check out this post.

Some years I’ve managed to actually reduce my car insurance. So who did I go with this year….

This Year’s Car Insurance Winner Is…

Drumroll…….Real Insurance. These guys came in a decent 21% less than the nearest quote and with a cheaper excess. And I’m paying less than last year. That’s after my current mob decided to up my premium by a modest 18.4%. We’ll see how these guys go next year. But for now I’m happy to have a few extra dollars in the pocket that I didn’t expect. It rally does pay to play the insurance game. Happy playing!


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Mong June 23, 2020 - 11:03 pm

Thanks for the tips! Like the recommends on products and services, though I prefer Pocketbook as a personal finance app as it’s free! Cheers

dollarwise June 24, 2020 - 10:37 am

Pocketbook is good I have that one too!


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