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The Truth About Swagbucks

by dollarwise
truth about Swagbucks

Swagbucks is Everywhere

If you’ve traveled very far in the world of personal finance blogs and Pinterest you will certainly have come across Swagbucks. It’s a real favorite along with other survey sites or rebates sites like Ebates. So I figure I should look into this. As an Aussie I’m thinking its just an American thing. But what the heck, let’s check it out. To my surprise it’s in Australia too, with lots of local affiliates and local rewards. My guess is Swagbucks reach is global if its made it to the land downunder. Great. This looks promising. Is this my chance to make some quick bucks? So I sign up, bonus Swagbucks (SB). Great, in no time at all 100 SB. So what are these worth? 1SB=1cent/penny. So there’s a dollar. That’s where my joy ended…..

So How Do I Get These SB?

With sites trumpeting massive daily SB hauls, this must be a cinch. So I check it out. Turns out there are lots of ways to earn virtually nothing and one way to earn a little something. Here’s a wrap up.


If you qualify I recon about 160SB/hour at what they quote. Keep in mind they always take longer. I can think of easier ways to earn $1.6. No thanks.

Take a daily Poll.

1SB/day. Mmmm, $3.65 a year! Pass on that one.

Watch Swagbucks TV or SBTV

Ok. Limit of 10SB/day on the phone. A few other video apps can push that to 30. On the computer you can watch for 3SB/hour. Yep, that’s right 3c/hour. Rolling it in! Sure, you can run it in the background, but it’s still a lot of mucking around for virtually nothing.


Again you can waste some time playing games for a pittance or waste money buying in app purchases for points. Again, no thanks. Why all the fuss with this thing?

Discover Offers

Now I see a decent amount of SB on offer. I start to check out the offers. Download this app and reach this level. Sign up and spend this much to qualify. Catch, after catch. You can search free offers and sign up for spam and get yourself a few cents here and there. I’m sure there’s a real winner every now and then, but I ain’t got the time to check it out every day.


These are posted every so often to keep you hooked on their social media accounts. My disappointment is growing.

Shopping Cash Back.

This is by far the most lucrative and I’d suggest only worthwhile opportunity. Cash backs for the Aussie stores ranged from 1-26% and features a lot of popular stores. For my Aussie readers, Super Amart 5%, Vista Print 26%, Lorna Jane 5%, just jeans, Berlei, Cotton On  and a hundred other fashion stores. For those in the US the list is even more extensive. This may be the one redeeming feature of Swagbucks. If I were going to spend at one of these stores anyway, I’d definitely consider using Swagbucks for this. But the rest is a royal waste of time. I’ve also found some better places to get better cashback, see my review here. Noticeably Swagbucks is well down the list!

The Truth about Swagbucks

So what’s all the fuss, why all the recommendations? It doesn’t seem that great. Then I discovered the truth about Swagbucks. Their referral program. When someone uses a link with your referral code you get 10% of the SB they earn for life. WOW! This is the affiliate marketing equivalent of heaven. You waste your time filling in surveys and videos for nothing and I sit back and reap the rewards. Now if I can get thousands of people hooked on this poorly paying program I can make some real bucks. So there you have it. Referrers make all the money. In fact, it’s the only way to make serious cash. Call me cynical but I can’t help thinking this is why it gets such a good wrap. I’m certainly happy to sit back and reap passive income for life while thousands of my minions waste their time for a pittance.

Check It Out

By all means check it out. Sign up and please use my code. At least I’ll get a few cents to pay for the time it took to write this. I’m guessing this post isn’t going to make me rich, unfortunately. You may find some decent cash back on shopping but apart from that, please don’t waste your time. Unless of course you want to become a referring guru, but that may cost you some integrity.

I’m going to cast my eye over a few of the other favorite referrals I’ve seen around soon too. Maybe I’ll find the same referrers get rich off everyone else system everywhere. But let’s hope not. But one thing you can know, you’ll get the truth from me. I’ll only recommend the things that benefit you and not just me. I’d rather have my integrity.  So next time you see a site singing the praises of Swagbucks, maybe ask yourself who they’re really seeking to benefit. That’s the truth about Swagbucks.

*this article contains affilite links, by all means become my poorly paid swagbucks slave. At least you know what the deal is!

The Truth About Swagbucks



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Mrs. ETT September 19, 2016 - 7:47 pm

Great analysis, Luke. I have wondered for a while, but it seemed like too much mucking around so I haven’t bothered investigating properly. From the way the websites/blogs/podcasts sell it, it seems like the best thing since sliced bread – now I know why! Even with the shopping cash back, I’m trying not to shop so even that wouldn’t be worth it. Thanks for being the Aussie Guinea pig, and good luck building your Swagbucks empire!

Dividends Down Under September 20, 2016 - 7:33 pm

It’s definitely not worth it for 99% of people, but for the 1% that can get the referrals – it’s great. Normal survey sites are a lot better.


dollarwise October 6, 2016 - 6:17 pm

they are better, but equally a waste of time when you calculate what you earn per hour.

Martin - Get FIRE'd asap October 3, 2016 - 1:51 pm

Yeah, Swagbucks sounds like a crock to me $wise. Thanks for the in-depth review and based on that, I’ll be giving them the big swerve. I signed up on one of those sites that pay you to complete surveys but worked out that I was getting paid between $3.50 and $5 an hour doing something I didn’t enjoy anyway. At least it’s better than the 5c an hour Swagbucks pays but not really worth getting out of bed for is it.

I suspect that, as you point out, the ones making money are the referrer’s when a bunch of mugs click through from their site. Nope, not for me. Cheers for the great review mate.

Cheyanne November 16, 2016 - 2:47 pm

We need more intshgis like this in this thread.

Kevin December 21, 2016 - 9:02 am

Haha it is totally the truth. The only time I have really found this useful is a couple of great swagbucks deals like when I get $25 in swagbucks for spending $25 on something I wanted to already…. so yeah unless I see an AWESOME deal stuff like Swagbucks and Inbox Dollars are basically abandoned and just a waste. TopCashback.com is much more lucrative, especially if you shop online alot or travel alot.


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