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A Rich Mans Guide To Getting Poor

by dollarwise
rich mans guide to getting poor

It’s late and I want to have some fun. So here’s your 12 point plan, a rich mans guide to getting poor.

  1. Don’t budget, just spend what you want and when you want it. Don’t give it a second thought. Go ahead, make that purchase. Who cares if the money is really there. You owe it to yourself!
  2. Put it on credit. Don’t bother seeing all that cash leave your wallet, don’t care if you have the money or not. Just tap that thing. Tap, tap, tap. It’s like dancing. Go for it.
  3. Get the latest phone. Be the fashionista of tech. You deserve it.
  4. Buy a house you can’t afford. That’s right, your parents worked a lifetime for it, but you should get it right now. Max out that mortgage and live in the suburb you want and the house the screams, ‘look at me.’ Who knows in 40+ years you may even own it, maybe.
  5. Get a new car to match. With that new house you need a new car. Something nice. Go get that car and put it on a car loan. It can go with your mortgage debt and credit card debt. A drive that thing everywhere. No need to walk or ride for you.
  6. Furnish that baby. Yep, you need to fill that house of yours with nice stuff. Leather couches, home theater, updated bedroom. Now you’re talking.
  7. Just renew. Yep, when those pesky big bills come, don’t give it a second thought, just renew. I’m sure they’re looking after you just fine.
  8. Eat out, lots. Why shop and cook when someone can do it for you. Enjoy your time out, eat, drink and be poor. Go for it.
  9. Overseas Holidays. It’s the place to be when you’re not in that fancy house. Get on a big ol plane and see the world. Maybe even do it in business. That’s the life.
  10. Lavish presents. You don’t want to be seen as cheap. No, spend up big for those special occasions. The more you spend the more you love, am I right?
  11. Super what? Forget that superannuation stuff. Salary sacrifice, no thanks, no need for any sacrificing for you.
  12. Go private. Private school, private health insurance. Private is best! And it’s only the best for you.

If you follow this 12 point plan, your sure to look rich and get poor. Hence, a rich mans guide to getting poor!


A Rich Man's Guide to getting poor

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