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Rewards Program Can Save You Over $1500/yr

by dollarwise
Whittlesea Region Community Rewards Program

Australia’s Best Value Rewards Program

The Whittlesea Region Community Rewards Program is a localised version of a nation wide rewards program similar to  others that you may be familiar with like the Entertainment Book. It does however come with some additional benefits that I think make it Australia’s best value Rewards Program.  Here’s why I think this is a great rewards program that will definitely save you lots if used wisely to maximise savings. 

10% OFF Wish and Coles Group Gift Cards

All of us regularly use Woolworths and Coles group business. Think K-mart, Target, Big W, BWS, Dan Murphy’s, Woolworth’s/Caltex Fuel Stations, Coles Express and of course the grocery stores themselves. Because this is everyday spend that can’t be avoided, if you can save here, the benefits are huge. The rewards program offers a standard 5% off electronic and physical gift cards at all times, but about once every month or so they offer 10% off their Wish and Coles group gift cards. This is HUGE! That’s 10% off groceries, 10% of fuel (like 14c/L at $1.40/L), 10% off alcohol. Plus you can use this in conjunction with other rewards programs to save even more. On fuel and groceries alone this is likely to be a saving of more than $100/month. For this reason every time this offer comes up, I stock up on my 10%off gift cards and use them as I normally would when spending on these everyday purchases for fuel, groceries and alcohol and other sundry items. How much would you save if you could get your petrol, groceries and alcohol at 10% off. This is the only rewards program I’ve seen offering that magnitude of discount

Over 600 Restaurant Offers Australia Wide – UNLIMITED USAGE

I’m not one to spend up much on eating out. But when I do, I want to get a discount. And I’ve found this rewards program to be great for that. I’ve focused on 2 for 1 and 50% offers as these offer the greatest value. I have found you may have to travel further for those, but it’s definitely worth it to get 2 mains for the price of 1. Most offers tend to be 10-25% off across the board. Perhaps the best thing of all is that the offers are redeemable unlimited times. So now we have a couple of favourite spots we can keep going back for all the special occasions. This is great compared with most other programs that have one and done policy. There are over 600 restaurant offers Australia wide, so plenty of choice. That said, the majority are in the major cities. And you can use them anywhere in Australia when your off on holidays or travelling. 

Atleast 10% off Attractions Australia Wide (NZ too)

Through a partnership with Experience OZ, virtually every attraction across Australia can be accessed with a minimum 10% discount.  It’s not huge, but certainly worth it you’re off on on holidays and up for some entry fees on your travels. 

Sport, Cinemas + More, up to 40% Off

There’s the usual offerings of discounts on cinemas (up to 40% off), AFL tickets (40% off) , Big Bash tickets (30% off) and other event tickets to concerts, theatres and the like. I usually get to one or two sporting events with the kids and used the program this year to head off to the Big Bash with the family. 

4500 Retail Offers

There’s another 4500 business offers on the platform. Including some smaller local business (from hairdressers to printers and handymen – particularly in the Whittlesea Region in the North of Melbourne), large online retailers and gift cards from the major chains like JB Hi-fi, Harvey Norman, etc. I figure most of these are the cherry on the cake if you happen to need something from one of these. But by and large the biggest savings are going to come from your everyday spend on food, fuel, entertainment and eating out. 

Easy to Use App

The Rewards Program comes with an easy to use app that shows all the local offers on map. You can also use the search for things relatively easily. The site works pretty intuitively if you choose the online platform too. Overall the platform is helpful. 


The program costs $39/family/yr. Which is less than half the cost of most competitors in this space for Australia wide coverage. And I think offers more savings on the most important things for less outlay. Like the Entertainment book you can support a local charity or not for profit as well with 40% of that membership going to the participating organisation of your choice. You can also check out my offer below to get an additional $10 off your first year’s membership. 


The Whittlesea Region Community Rewards Program offers the best value on everyday spend I’ve seen with the 10% off Coles and Wish gift cards. Although it’s only offered every so often the value there is amazing. When added to the restaurant savings, unlimited, Australia wide usage; I’d rate this as the best value rewards program available at the moment. The cost is also very low compared to some others at $39/yr/family. You should be able to save well in excess of $1500/yr if you use it wisely on everyday purchases you’d be making anyway. 

Dollarwise Special Offer -$10 CASH BACK.

I’ve partnered up with the Whittlesea Region Community Rewards Program and can offer our subscribers $10 cash back when you sign up to the program. Simply put ‘Dollarwise’ in the ‘Which local participating organisation would you like to support?’ and send through an email to admin@dollarwise.com.au to let me know you’ve done so. You can SIGN UP here, press ‘Join Now’ and choose ‘subscribe’ for credit card or you can use paypal and follow the process. Once I have confirmation of your name and email from the rewards program I’ll send you out a $10 electronic wish gift card (expect this to take up to 1 month). Please note that I will also receive $5.60 as part of this offer (I will always declare if I get anything out of something but will only recommend what I value and use myself). I hope this rewards program is able to save you plenty. Be wise. 

See how you can save over $1500/yr with Australia\'s best value rewards program. Check out https://wrcr.myrewards.com.au/perk
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