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Portfolio Update

by dollarwise
Dollarwise Portfolio

Here’s a bit of a portfolio update. Overall I’ve returned just over 15% for the financial year on today’s prices including dividends, which I’m pretty happy with. About 5% of that is from dividends, the other 10% is capital appreciation. Here’s what I’ve sold and added to my share portfolio. You can see previous posts for more details about why I’ve bought each company.

AAD – Sold at $2.12

Ardent has not performed as well as I’d hoped. However, I still made money, having averaged down to around $1.80. I’ll keep an eye on how their main event business develops and may buy in later if their numbers begin to improve. If they can get growing  sales in their american business it will have a lot of long term growth potential. But on the sidelines for a while on this one.

AFI – Hold

ALU – Added More

I’ve added more altium and will continue to hold. Great company, lots of growth potential. One of my favourite shares. Altium is a circuit board maker that is growing market share. It has met targets and has big plans for growth. A great buy and hold option.

AYS – Hold

CMW – Hold

CSL – Hold

One of my best performers this year. It’s appreciated from $96 to over $140. The case for CSL remains the same.

ECX – Sold

Eclipx has not grown or reported as well as hoped. So its been cut at a small profit.

EVT – Hold

Event has rebounded and it’s hotels business looks very solid. A hold from here.

FLT – Hold

Flight centre has flown up $10 in the past few months. I’m thinking about taking profits soon.

GTY – Hold

Gateway went up but has since come back on a bad earnings guidance. It seems this is a temporary hiccup with less sales this year that should rebound next year. I think this has a long runway for growth and will fully rebound in time. It now pays a big dividend.

HSO – Added More

Good case for future growth, but it’s taking time!

JHC – Hold

As above with HSO. Paying decent dividends while I wait!

MYX – Added More

MYX is a bumpy ride. But I think in the long term this will be a winner. I’ve averaged my buying price down to $1.12.

RFG – Sold at $4.68

RFG was a significant loss and the biggest drag on my portfolio. After a downgrade I’ve sold out.

RHC – Added More

Great stock, keep accumulating. buy and hold for a very long time.

RKN – Sold $1.75

Reckon is selling off a division and listing it in the UK. I’m not keen for that. Sold at a small profit.

RRL – Hold

A bit of gold adds some diversification.

TPM – Hold. 

Tpg is a long term growth story. You have to give it time.

VAS – Hold. 

Vanguards ASX index fund is a staple.

WAX – Hold

A Wilson Asset Management LIC. They are good at what they do, have grown their dividend regularly (5.4% franked at current prices) along with capital appreciation. I like their shareholdings and they have enough cash to take advantage of good opportunities. It’s always good to own some LIC’s and this is a good one. I will keep adding to this position.

WPL – Hold. 

Added Since Last Update


Not a cheap stock with a PE of 24, but with a monopoly on a growing business, ASX will always go up (with the exception of a recession). This has moved from watchlist to a holding. I paid $49.74.


Bapcor is an auto parts maker with brands such as Bursons. BAP pays a 2.1% dividend and has appreciated off recent lows. I paid $5.16.


Challenger sells annuities and has been reporting really well for some time. I’m a bit late to the party, but it looks like it’s still got a long way to grow as our population retires and moves their money into annuities. I paid $13.05.


Collins food owns the rights to KFC restaurants in Australia and is expanding in Germany. I added it at just over $5 and it has been growing well and on track with its expansion plans. Another that moved form watchlist to a holding.


Edencrete is a concrete additive that strengthens the performance and life of concrete in roads and bridges, etc. They have made initial sales in the US and have a huge expansion potential. I bought in at 20c and will hold for the years ahead.


Getswift is the latest tech stock to make a stir and just rose capital at $0.80. They are essentially a software logistics programme. They’ve got some massive contracts with the likes of the commonwealth bank and seem to be adding more clients. I’ve bought in at $0.90 and think they could grow the business massively over the long term. Time will tell


Nuheara have made a wifi hearing device. They are going to market right now. If it does well the share price will rise, if it doesn’t it will pull back. Still waiting for solid sales figures but i think this one is a long term winner. I’ve added a small amount to my portfolio at 7.2c. It’s curretnly trading at 8.5c.





National Veterinary Care as the name suggests is a vet owner that is growing and following a similar path to Greencross. It should have a long runway for growth as it continues to expand and acquire into a growing pet market. I’ve paid $2.31.


RFF is an agricultural real estate trust that is growing and diversifying it’s land holdings. It leases it’s land back which makes it a reasonably defensive business. It pays a 5.2% dividend on today’s prices. I’ve paid $1.84.


On the Watchlist

Here’s shares I’m watching, from my most likely to purchase down.


Another good LIC. I want to diversify my LIC holdings about a bit. This is on my list. I’ll buy at a market downturn.


These guys are rolling out sleep centres in the US and new tech to deal with sleep aponea. They have a good product that has potential to grow in a huge market. Time will tell how their strategy goes. Worth watching to see how it goes and jumping on if it goes well. They are only at the start of potentially large roll out.


NXT sells cloud storage and computing. It’s a growing sector but is sitting on a huge PE nearing 60. For that reason I’m on the sideline, but wouldn’t mind buying a dip.




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Mrs. ETT July 1, 2017 - 10:46 am

Thanks Luke. I’m not ready to invest in shares, but posts like this help me to understand how other people think and what they look for. Really helpful.

pia July 3, 2017 - 10:44 am

Love reading your portfolio update! I’m gearing up towards my first foray into shares (was just waiting for the financial year to tick over) and this has been a very timely post for me to read.

dollarwise July 3, 2017 - 12:19 pm

bkla, if you are just getting started I’d begin by buying an LIC, listed investment company. That will give you immediate diversification with a small holding and dividends. The danger when you start out is that without 15-20 shares you are not very diversified which amplifies gains and losses. Better to minimize that risk. Wilson asset manangement, QV equities, Mirribella are a few to check out. You might even want to buy a few of these to balance out their relative performance. That can give you a base to then branch out into particular companies that you research and like for future growth. Also avoid small caps when you start out as they can move a lot and again are magnified with a smaller holding. Cheers Luke.

Dividends Down Under July 9, 2017 - 10:19 pm

Thanks for the update Luke – really like your portfolio and like your additions 🙂 Nice to see you own CSL, that’s been a good one!


Jaime December 24, 2017 - 11:16 pm

Hi Luke, great down to earth advice. I’m new to investing (1 week( and your summery of these companies gives me a good idea of what to look at. I’ve added all of them to my watch list and it’s great to see that they are all up from time of posting. I don’t suppose you have anotber update planned soon?

Thank you and have a good Christmas


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