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Kogan Australia’s Amazon. Get a $10 Signon bonus

by dollarwise

Kogan: Australia’s Amazon

Kogan  is the Aussie amazon equivalent. And is one of the few companies that will be able to take on the retail giant at its own game as it launches in Aus. I like that Kogan is an Aussie success story and not an import from overseas. Starting out as a TV reseller you can now get almost everything from the website: electronics, clothes, couches, tools, phone plans, insurance, holidays, books, office supplies and the list just keeps growing. It’s like Officeworks, Bunnings, Flight Centre, Harvey Norman and more all rolled into one! As I said, it’s looking more and more like Amazon with an Aussie flavor.

Kogan Mobile Plans

The deals are pretty good across the board as well, especially their mobile plan’s. I’d recommend their 365 day mobile plans, all with unlimited calls, texts etc. The 80GB/365 day plan for 1 year is $150 on the site. That’s pretty good. You can pay slightly more for month to month as well. These prices will vary with promotions, but I’d definitely consider Kogan if I was looking for a mobile plan. Check out their plans here.

Great Value

Across most products Kogan is either very competitive or flat out the cheapest. It’s certainly worth checking them out before making a purchase. As they sell almost everything, it’s a very quick to compare and make sure you’re not getting ripped off. Amazon is certainly going to shake things up, but I think Kogan will be a worthy competitor. Will be interesting to watch this play out over the coming year or two. One thing it will mean, is great value for consumers everywhere.

$10 Sign on Bonus

Chances are you already have a Kogan account. But if not you can sign on here for a new account and get $10 credit when you make your first purchase over $200. I will also get $10 credit in my account, so thanks! Be aware I will only ever recommend products or services that I use and think are great value. Kogan is definitely on that list.

Just For Fun

One of the funnest things on the Kogan website is it flashes up items others have bought. It’s quite entertaining just watching what others are buying. Some of it is pretty crazy stuff. A waste of money too on some fronts! But just good fun. The site overall is really well designed and pretty easy to navigate too.

Buy Kogan Shares

One way to profit from this little Aussie success is to buy it’s shares. Which I have done. It trades as KGN on the ASX. It’s shares have rocketed up a lot of late, but over the long term, I think may have a long way to go. This will likely be a billion $ plus company in the future. So pocketing a few shares might be a wise decision too. Of course this is not advice, not a professional, do your own research and read my disclaimer about this sort of stuff.

Kogan Australias Amazon

Kogan Australia\'s Amazon. Get a $10 Signon bonus

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Grogounet December 3, 2017 - 8:09 pm

A side question and not sure if you do: Do you post what the referrals are making you a month or a year? Does it cover the cost of hosting, etc..?

dollarwise December 4, 2017 - 5:35 pm

I do occasionally and I will. The blog income covers the site hosting, domain name rego, etc. Since launching the site has made approx $200. Not exactly bringing in the bucks, but atleast covers costs. I imagine over time that will grow.


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