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10 Ways To Buy Great Christmas Presents For Less

by dollarwise
Great Christmas Presents for less

Here’s 10 ways to buy great Christmas presents for less. This will help you weather the Christmas storm with your budget intact. No need for buyers remorse and still have loads of fun and plenty to cheer the heart under the tree!

1. Remember that Kids Prefer Quantity to Quality

You may value a present by it’s cost, but not kids. They value what joy it offers in the moment, whatever the cost. There’s nothing like having a whole bunch of Christmas presents under the tree. The more the better. Thankfully, your local $2 shop, garage sales, vinnies, etc can furnish you with plenty of great Christmas presents for not very much. $20 can go a very long way.

2. Budget, Don’t Just Hope

Decide what you are going to spend on Christmas presents before you get there. Don’t just hope you won’t overspend, plan on it. So much for each family member, so much for others, etc. Then do your best to stay near enough to that goal, without being a stickler. Typically we get one present for the kids to share, something of lasting value (a trampoline last year). The rest are cheap and come in under $20.

3. Hit Up Your Local Garage Sales

You can pick up great Christmas presents at garage sales for near to nothing. Often it’s in the box unused. We take our kids and they’ll show you what they want. You can then buy it without them noticing or if they’re younger, simply put it aside and wrap it up for Christmas. Now you know you’ve got something they want and will enjoy on Christmas day. And you haven’t broken the bank in doing so.

4. Freecycle, Zilch For $0 Presents

You can get stuff for free. If you have a list of wants, keep an eye out on Freecycle and Ziilch and you can get something special for the pricely sum of $0. Talk about great Christmas presents for less. You can’t get much less than $0. No need to spend up big and you still get what you want. You can find couches, pots, ladders, painting gear, tools, bbqs, sporting equipment, electrical items, shelving…..the list goes on. Take that Christmas list and keep your eyes peeled. I have found that good items go fast, so you need to be quick. But you can get some really great stuff. Just remember to pass on the favor and offer some of your unwanted items there too!

5. Buy Experiences

Who wants more clutter. Instead of accumulating stuff to store, buy an experience that you would likely have bought anyway. Think swimming lessons, a voucher to a nice restaurant or hotel, a family pass to the zoo or the like. Now that’s a Christmas present that adds value to your family without costing you more than you were already planning to spend.

6. Give Gift Cards Earned from Survey Sites

Gift cards are great for sending to the rellies. A little bit of time on some survey sites and you can rack up enough to get a few $20 or $50 gift cards sent your way. Pop them in a card and your family will think your very generous. It does cost you some time, but if you are cash poor, but time rich, this is a great way to go. There are a bunch of survey sites, here’s a few Aussie options, Pure Profile*,  My Opinions*, Rewards Central*.

7. Give Photos and Cards

Photo’s convey something things can’t; you’re story. Sharing your story in a Christmas letter with a few photos will likely be treasured far more than anything else you can give. It costs very little and can be sent off far and wide. For those a bit more special, you could make up a calendar or give an electronic photo frame to restock each year with some new pics. Again, not very expensive, but far more valuable. Great Christmas presents for less!

8. Don’t Be Pressured

Don’t feel you have to meet up to others expectations. Often we feel pressured to give what we think will meet someone else’s criteria. This is crazy. A gift is just that, a gift. It’s not deserved or earned, you don’t have to meet some unwritten cost criteria. Give it with love, not in the hope of pleasing the agendas of others.

9. Don’t Compare

It may seem like your neighbours are giving their family the latest gadgets and high cost gifts. Chances are they will be. They are stocking up on credit card debt and believing the lie, that more $=more love. But you know better. Killing the family finances for a few quick thrills is not wise. All those gadgets will find their way to the bottom of the closet. So don’t play the game you see others playing. You can have a great Christmas with great Christmas gifts for for far less cost.

10. Second Hand is Fine

Most things lose half their value or more once they leave the shop. So why pay full price? Do you think a gift if of less value because it’s not brand new? That’s often what we think. So off we go and pay a 100% premium to get a pretty box. But the truth is that someones else’s value is not measured by the newness of your gift. The fact that you’ve hunted around to get them what they want or need is where the real value is. That will be seen and appreciated. So hit up gumtree and ebay and part with less cash for the same item.

So there we go, 10 ways to get great Christmas presents for less. No need to break the bank this year and have a great time. Merry Christmas. Be wise.

10 Ways To Buy Great Christmas Presents For Less

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Mrs. ETT November 16, 2016 - 9:27 pm

Point 8 really resonates with me. We actually put the pressure on ourselves, because I know the people we are gifting to would never judge us. I think I’ll be repeating that a few times this season “a gift is just that, a gift. It’s not deserved or earned…”

Dividends Down Under November 19, 2016 - 2:12 pm

Great list! I actually did some Christmas shopping yesterday and bought something from an Opshop, great discount opportunities there!

I tend to give people a few small things, that way it looks really abundant. My fail-safe is to include some chocolate or lollies with the other things I’m giving that person, people always love something tasty! This year I’m going with sugar-free lollies, sweetened with Stevia – tasty and guilt free!


dollarwise December 3, 2016 - 2:46 pm

Great idea! I know I tend to end up getting to much sugar at Christmas!


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