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10 Grocery items to buy marked Down at the End of the Day

by dollarwise
10 grocery items to buy marked down at the end of the day

Shop At The End of The Day

Many grocery items are regularly marked down to a more reasonable price at days end. Ducking to the shops near closing time can be a real money saver. If you keep your eyes open you’ll work out the schedule at your store. Our local supermarket is typically out marking down goods around 9pm, as well as restocking. That’s the best time I’ve found to duck in and take a quick circle around the perishable isles. Here’s my top 10 grocery items to buy marked down at the end of the day.

10 Grocery Items To Buy Marked Down

  1. Hot chickens at half price, typically under $4. You can’t cook one yourself for that. As soon as these are marked down, I grab what I can. They are great for kids lunches or throwing in a chicken based meal.
  2. Yogurt. You usually need to eat these within 2 days, but in our household that’s not an issue. Again half price or less is pretty typical.
  3. Bread, Bread sticks, Buns, Cakes. Again half price or less, which often makes these items worth getting. The other night I picked up 12 buns, a loaf of turkish bread, a bread stick and some nicer loaves of bread. You can just throw these in the freezer and take out as wanted.
  4. Fresh pizzas, pies. Again these are typically half price or less and can either cooked the next day or thrown in the freezer.
  5. Fresh fish, especially salmon. Salmon is expensive but I love it. This is the only way I buy salmon. It’s a next day eat, but really nice.
  6. Dips. I only get these when needed as they are usually only a couple of days off their due date. But I rarely fail to find them marked down.
  7. Flavoured milk. It usually gets marked down to the price of the cheapest cows milk and my kids love it. So save on the nesquick or milo and buy up.
  8. Single serve fresh meals. These meals are expensive for their convenience. But at half price or less they are worth considering for a quick meal.
  9. Prepackaged salads. Again these are usually more expensive than making your own, but at half price they become viable for the convenience.
  10. Meat. There’s always a few meat items marked down. I’ve found these to be less discounted than most other items, unless it’s something more unique. For example, turkey legs or lambs brains or other things that are lets say, less popular to the taste of most. It’s always worth running through the meat isles for a squizz.

Marked Down Items To Avoid

Not all marked down items are a steal. Think fancy cheeses and deli items that are regularly marked down too. But even at half price these are still expensive. If a recipe called for Blue cheese or prosciutto, this is certainly the best way to get it. But such items are not on my usual shopping list. They may be on yours though, so go right ahead. You do of course run the risk of getting the odd item that is well, beyond its usable life. But by and large that’s not the case. The food is usually good to eat or to freeze and eat later.

So there’s 10 grocery items to buy marked down at the end of the day. Are there any perishable items that you typically buy when they are marked down? Check out the grocery items you should never pay full price for too and why I shop generic at Aldi.

10 Groceries you should buy marked down

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